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Screen Shots: SweaterMaker's 7 Body Styles

What do the screens on SweaterMaker look like? Here are some of the pages you will see when you design any of the seven body styles that SweaterMaker gives you automatically. (We would have shown you more pages, but the page would take forever to load!)

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The Garment Information Pane

Also known as SweaterMaker's driver's seat.

How does it work? You fill out all the fields for each sweater. SweaterMaker automatically recalculates the sweater settings with every change.

See the Dolman sweater below for the results of the settings on this page.


Body Style 1: the Set-in Sleeve

This is the front of a set-in sleeve sweater. As with all SweaterMaker screens, you can "grab" each of the red boxes with your mouse, drag the box to a new location, and drop it.  SweaterMaker automatically adjusts all instructions and shaping to fit the new measurement.


Body Style 2: the Dropped Shoulder

Dropped shoulder sweaters are casual, comfortable, and require very little shaping. The wider the shoulders, the more the shoulder will drape down the arm.


Body Style 3: Raglan

Need a lot of shoulder room? Knit a raglan! Raglan sweaters provide terrific freedom of movement for arms, which is why they are often chosen for baseball shirts (all that throwing the ball, you know).

At left is the sleeve of a raglan sweater.


Body Style 4: Saddle Shoulder

A saddle shoulder has a small band of fabric across the shoulders, from the arm to the neck. SweaterMaker has you knit this band first, and then you will knit the sleeve from the shoulder down to the wrist.


Body Style 5: Horizontal Dolman

A view of a sideways-knit Dolman sweater. You will knit this puppy in one large piece, and only have to add the neck, waist, and wrist trim later. It's a wonderful way to knit a sweater with vertical stripes!


Body Style 6: Vertical Dolman

This is the vertical Dolman front. Notice the extra-deep armholes. By grabbing the boxes at the base of the front neck, you can make that neckline as deep as you like!


Body Style 7: Round Yoke

When you knit a round yoke sweater, this is what the yoke will look like. Or rather, half the yoke. You will knit two of these, and then sew them up later.

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